Planet X Theory, Nibiru and the Anunnaki

The idea that Earth has been visited by aliens at some point in the distant past is not a new one. In Sumer, the alien Gods were known as the Anunnaki. In Greece, the Annodoti. In the Celtic lore, the Tuatha de Danaan. In the Semetic scriptures (Torah, Talmud, Old Testament, and other Apocryphal texts like the Book of Enoch), they are called The Nephilim, The Sons of God, or The Watchers.

The gods themselves had their own monarchy, with laws of succession similar to our own, and they built a global empire upon the Earth, with great cities, temples and monuments, and mighty nations established on several continents. They created mankind as a slave race to work on their farms and in their gold mines, among other things. The Sumerian legends are very clear: man was made to bear the yoke of the gods. Man was separate from the gods, like a domesticated animal, and there was a great cultural taboo amongst the gods against sharing any of their sacred information with humanity, even things such as writing and mathematics. These gods ruled directly over Egypt, Mesopotamia, and the Indus Valley, and their rule is recorded in the histories of all three civilizations.

At some point, it is told, some of the gods broke rank. This is again recorded in just about every culture on Earth that has a written or oral history of legends. Some of the gods, finding human females most appealing, intermarried with them (breaking, of course, a major taboo within their own culture), and creating a race of human/god hybrids.

However, these actions (the interbreeding and sharing of secrets with humans) incurred the wrath of the Most High God, and a number of other gods who were disgusted by this interracial breeding. This sparked the massive and devastating battle of the gods that has come down to us in the legends of both the War in Heaven, and the Deluge. Then, in order to cleanse the Earth,s surface of the curse of humanity, they covered it with a flood. Interestingly, this flood is mentioned in the legends of almost every ancient culture on Earth.

These Anunnaki are said to occupy another planet in our solar system (known to scientists as 'Planet X'). This planet is called Nibiru, and is situated somewhere beyond Pluto. This planet, unlike other planets in our solar system, moves clockwise, rather than counter clockwise. It was a collision of Nibiru with another planet in our solar system which created Earth.

Nibiru's orbit passes thorough our solar system only once every 3,600 years, which is equal to one Nibiru year.

Many catastrophic events in the earth's past can be explained by the 3600 year cycle of Nibiru. Depending on its distance from the earth at the time of passage, many Biblical disasters such as the Great Flood and the sinking of Atlantis can now be better understood. These events cyclically occure as a result of the immense gravitational pull this planet imposes on the earth and the other planets within the solar system.

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Planet X Nibiru and the Anunnaki

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